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Clean Room. Let's start from scratch.

We decided to start all our blogging activity from scratch. Find out why.

Per aspera ad astra (lat.)

Probably someone will say that was a risky way of doing this but that is not really our case. Our previous posts in the blog were related to the projects we did. Those were kinds of press-release posts. Like "here's what a great project we did for this company". Posts were not that interesting and didn't drive too much traffic so the risk of getting search engine visibility lost was low. The influence of the blog on organic search can be high, however, "write a blog to have a blog" doesn't look like to be a good strategy so I didn't initiate any intensive blog posting until I've figured out that we have a lot of internal information that could be extremely interesting for others.

Idea was to solve several tasks:
    - Not to lose the information inside the company and build a knowledge base
    - Share these materials with others, people should definitely know what we do and how we do this
    - Blogging should be easy so I could write a post in an hour or so

I'm definitely not a big fan of SEO. Being an engineer, first of all, updating website articles to confirm some keywords basis for me does not look natural. Suppose you wanted to tell people something about bikes and you describe some new model, but nobody finds it. This means that something is wrong there, either search spiders algorithm are not proper or simply, your content is not interesting to others. That's it. Not something like your page has mistakes like absent meta tag or you use the keywords in text not frequently enough.

Actually, search engines in their guidelines say something like "Hey guys, focus on content", they mean us to focus on materials we provide to our readers, think about their interests. So that's what we are going to do here. Focus on readers interests. No fake posts, fake research or fake analysis! Only content published by me or my team personally about the things we really do here at QNIUM. You'll enjoy this.

Kirill Zhukov,


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