Atomity v 2.0 public announce

QNIUM Atomity version 2.0 is scheduled to be released within less than two weeks. Our magic platform is now going opensource

Get ready for revolution. Our super powerful framework for large scale software systems is going opensource. Tons of technology knowledges, ocean of real life commercial software development experience, all inside one great product called Atomity.

Since 2010 we have built a lot of projects for our customers from different areas of business and industry. Enterprise industrial systems, CRMs, ERPs, payment systems, SaaS startups, all this products are built by us with one single purpose: solve the problems of business of our customers. While we were successfully doing this we still felt that more than 50% of time we were solving not the business issues but technology aspects. Somewhere in 2014 we started the first steps going into direction of building our own framework that on one hand would let us focus on business tasks of the customer, on the other would keep us flexible in all the technology aspects not keeping us in any constrains of some specific framework. 

In March 2014 we got the first version and in June we delivered the first project for one of our Russian customers that requested building SaaS knowledge testing system to run within their company. Since that time we had updated the system on a daily basis and completed more than 10 projects for our customers based on Atomity. Now the evolution of the system brought us to release 2.0 that we decided to make available to everybody under open source license while still maintaining a commercial version for our customers.

See the few of the most important features inside:

  • JAVA 8 based (expect Node.JS implementation in Atomity 2.1)
  • Model first aproach based on the DOM model described as Classes with annotations
  • Automatically generated CRUD (Create, Read (with filtering), Update, Delete) operations
  • Authentication, Role based authorization, Session managerment
  • Automatically exposed restful JSON API
  • Angular 1 (no version 2 planned yet), React JS, React Native low level components
  • High level business components like Forms, tables, filters and other controls for Angular 1, React JS, React Native development
  • Bootstrap based layout for higher level components       
  • Automatic session and backend access management. Binding oriented aproach, no manual request handling.

This is only limited list of all features. We are working hard to finilize the product and documentation. See you soon! 

P.S. Feel free to contact us for a commercial project. The commercial version of the framework will live in parallel and you can already benefit from it as well as from our expertiese.

Kirill Zhukov,