Meet YuuWallet - modern E-Wallet service

Late October 2016 we delivered great E-Wallet solution ordered by YuuPay corporation Singapore and managed by KK Web Consulting 

Late October 2016 we launched YuuWallet project for YuuPay corporation. We are proud to say that this is one of the most comprehensive e-wallet solution on the market from user experience point of view as well as the most technology advanced. Within 4 months our team has built full e-wallet solution ecosystem that includes:

  • Customer's area
  • Merchant's area
  • Back-office administrator's area
  • Merchant's API
  • Web portal at

Users can now benefit from e-wallet that can be easily top up with a bank card or a wire transfer by invoice. And there's no need to separately create YuuWallet account. All the user needs is go to the Internet shop that accepts YuuWallet payments, create account and recharge it by bank card just before doing the payment for goods and vuala, the payment is done and the user got active YuuWallet account. Internet shops and services can now benefit too. After becomming YuuWallet merchant they can easily integrate the payment system into their shop and give multiple payment options to customer. The API is extrimely easy to work with from any programming language so YuuWallet can become a payment option for web shop in few hours.